Green Toilets - Toilet Tank Lid Eljer 5140 White, Green, Blue, And Many Other Colors Available!

$ 55

Here we have an Eljer Toilet tank lid, model 5140. This model sometimes has a hard to read number stamping - the outside width is 20-38, the outside front-to-back in the center is 8-12. I have many lids available. Lots of white, and also green, a sort of coral or rose, a blue, and some yellow. PLEASE NOTE that you will receive THE BEST lid of the lot in the color you want. I clean the lids as I sell them (I dont have time to clean every single lid at one time). So even though some of the lids in the pictures look a bit dirty, you will receive the best I have available, cleaned, including the marker writing removed. *IF* I happen to not have a lid in your color without chips or blemishes, I will pick the best one, take pictures of what blemishes it has, and message you to confirm if you still want it. So rest assured, you will get a good clean lid - no surprises. If I have sold several and you want a colored one, you may want to message me to make sure I have the color you want. Weight 8.4 lbs (Before packaging) Items ship from zip code 68512 in the U.S. Shipping costs quoted are to the continental states only, anywhere else will be more. Payment is expected within 10 days. Otherwise I reserve the right to file for non-paying bidder,and re-list the item. SHIPPING-USPS: Please note that I am NOT responsible for the time the post office takes to deliver the package. Tracking numbers will show up in the order details section once I ship the item. SHIPPING-OTHER: If the shipping is Other then it is Fedex. Fedex does NOT ship to PO boxes, so please provide a real address. SHIPPING-COMBINED: I always do my best to combine multiple wins to save on shipping. I make full use of USPS flat rate boxes wherever possible, and will only charge you for one box if I can fit multiple wins in the same box. If you win more than one auction I will send you a new quote with new shipping. Also, I am happy to hold items for you if you plan on buying many items from me over time, in order to combine their shipping. This is at my discretion, for buyers with dodgy or low feedback. Contact me for details. FOREIGN BIDDERS:I am happy to send you a quote during the auction if you want to know how much it will cost. Items are declared as Other: ebay. I will NOT mark them as gift. I DO NOT under-declare item value on the invoice. Do not ask. SHIPPING - PACKING: I take packaging seriously. I know how fragile cast iron is. I use newspaper for small items, and packing peanuts only for very light items. I use a variety of bubble wrap and peanut-packs for most mid-size items. I do have costs associated with packaging materials, so please keep that in mind on the shipping amounts. Heavy items will be packaged using solid styrofoam block. It is very rare for the items I pack to be broken, as my feedback should attest. I do not notify the winner of when a package is shipped, unless they ask me to, because I just dont have time to notify everyone, and 95% of people never ask. LOCAL PICKUP: Local pickup is great! Especially on those large items. I can be flexible with scheduling - just ask!

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