Art Gilders Paste, 28 Colors To Add To Metal, Metal Clay, Resin,wood, Iron &more

$ 13

I AM VERY HAPPY TO NOW BE A DISTRIBUTOR FOR GILDERS PASTE. This item is good for those who want to add color around the house to artists to house painters to concrete workers. Never have I used a product that is so good at adding color to almost anything. WHETHER YOU ARE AN ARTIST WHO WORKS WITH METAL, IRON, METAL CLAY, POLYMER, JEWELRY,RESIN,PLASTER,WOOD OR ALMOST ANY MEDIUM YOU WILL LOVE THIS TO COLOR YOUR PIECES. IT WILL MAKE A SIMPLE PLAIN WOOD OR EVEN PLASTIC FRAME LOOK LIKE AN EXQUISITE EXPENSIVE FRAME. IF YOUR A CARPENTER, FINE WOOD WORKER, INTERIOR HOUSE PAINTER,PLASTER WORKER....THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU. Ive been working with it on my own for awhile and love the versatility of it. Plus, use my sealant that I also sell and it will make the color even more permanent. WHAT IS GILDERS PASTE? Use Gilders Paste for matching the finish on moldings, miter joints, nail holes or minor indentations is as easy as selecting a matching color and apply with your finger to the area. Dries to the touch in 30 - 60 minutes and after 12 hours will not shrink, stain, chip or peel and ready to polish for a gilded appearance if desired. IT IS A WAX BASED MEDIUM USED TO HIGHLIGHT AND COLOR A VARIETY OF MATERIALS BOTH INSIDE AND OUT! GILDERS PASTE DRIES TO THE TOUCH IN 30 - 60 MINUTES (Depending how thick you apply and your climate) AND FULLY IN 12 HOURS TO A DURABLE HARD WAX FINISH WITH NO TACKY RESIDUE. LOOK AT SOME OF THE IRON GATE PICTURES IVE INCLUDED! PAINT THINNER CAN BE ADDED TO MAKE A CREAM, STAIN, PAINT OR WASH ALL WITH THE SAME PRODUCT GIVING YOU TOTAL CONTROL OF HOW THICK OR THIN YOU WANT YOUR PRODUCT. ANY PRODUCT THAT HAS DRIED OUT CAN BE PLACED BACK IN THE TIN AND ADD PAINT THINNER TO RECONSTITUTE IT SO IT HAS A LONG SHELF-LIFE. I AM SELLING THE SMALL 30ML1.5OZ TIN WHICH COVERS 300 SQUARE FEET WITH ONE TIN! IF YOU WANT THE LARGER TIN WHICH IS 4OZ AND COVERS 100 SQUARE FEET LET ME KNOW AND I CAN ORDER ONE FOR YOU. IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS!EVERYONE GETS FREE SHIPPING AND I GIVE YOU A PRICE BREAK WHEN YOU BUY TWO OR MORE. If you are only ordering one just scroll down to the color and choice the color. If you are ordering more than one scroll down to click the amount of tins you are ordering and than tell me what colors you want in the note section. You can also scroll down for special pricing on three sets: the primary colors, The metallic colors or all of the colors. THERE IS NO WAY TO PICK THE COLORS FOR TWO,THREE OR fOUR TINS SO PLEASE JUST PUT YOUR CHOICE IN THE NOTE SECTION. WHEN YOU PAY. If you are looking for Apricot it is at the bottom of the list, I would have to redo the whole listing to get it where it should go THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I LISTED AN ITEM IN THIS FORMAT. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY PROBLEMS. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ITS NEVER A PROBLEM. NONE OF THE EXAMPLES I LISTED WHERE DONE BY ME SO HERE IS A LIST OF THE ARTISTS IMAGES I USED SO YOU CAN LOOK THEM UP AND SEE MORE OF THEIR WORK. I will be adding some of my work later to the store. Grainger Metal work made the beautiful wine holder wreath with grapes and leaves.Acme Powder Company made the beautiful branches with red flowers and silver leaves.Doorknob is on the guilders paste website along with pictures of the woodwork.The Large Quilt is called Gourd Patch Quilt(yes I did say gourds). It was made by a group of 112 gourd arts from the US, Canada and Australia. It measure 3 by 5. Each artist contributed a flat square of gourd 4 X 4 and than it was painstakingly stitched together by Lynette Dawson and Margaret Schoeder.The American Eagle Gourd was painted with Gilders Paste by Kay P. Collins. How she did it is on the Gilders paste website.The cover on the top of the book is also done on a gourd and it is by Latuna Bernier, she also did the lovely horse.The beautiful piece with the dragonflies is called Cattails and is by Judy Zeigler.

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